Vinnie Birbiglia

I’ve been hearing about Pete Sweeney for years. I used to see him play with Nick Brignola and love the way he seems to take control of the band; both pushing them when necessary and pulling them back to keep it tight.  Pete is a master of his craft, and has shared the stage with […]

If you were alive and around in the Albany environs in the turn of the eighties, you might have gone to a sonic bunker of a place called J.B. Scott’s. Owned by Douglas Jacobs and Vinnie Birbiglia, this nightclub had a list of bands go through that would, at the same time be chewing through […]

April showers bring May flowers, along with clogged gutters, obliterated sidewalk chalk and free carwashes. This issue features performers Mystic Bowie, Melissa Ferrick, and legendary club owner Vinny Birbiglia.

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