Vito Ciccarelli

Words By: By Vito Ciccarelli Photo By: Tim Reidy There’s plenty of bands out there who try to be, aspire to be, and want to be. From what I saw on the stage at Empire Live on 5/4, PLUSH checks all the boxes – because they are! One of the things I always look for […]

It’s hard to believe that 2 decades have passed since the first show at the park. Over the years, the once dormant park, has come alive, each & every Saturday evening, throughout July & August. Troy’s Deputy Mayor at the time, Dan Crawley, said he & then Mayor Harry Tutunjian, would like to better utilize […]

I woke up recently and realized that I’ve spent the past 53 years in the music business. Holy Keith Richards Batman!!     I’ve been lucky enough to have worked over the years as a player, manager, event organizer, promoter, and radio host. The only thing I missed is manning the sound board (no easy task), and […]

A Celebration of the Life of Gino Nistico We’re all gonna die.  There will be a gravestone, Date of Birth, DASH, Date of Death.  That DASH, represents your life.  Your family, your friends, your adventures, your sorrows and happiness, they are all in that DASH.  If you are lucky, that DASH means something. After witnessing […]

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