A Celebration of the Life of Gino Nistico

We’re all gonna die.  There will be a gravestone, Date of Birth, DASH, Date of Death.  That DASH, represents your life.  Your family, your friends, your adventures, your sorrows and happiness, they are all in that DASH.  If you are lucky, that DASH means something. After witnessing this event, I can go on the record, saying Gino Nistico, had one helluva DASH!
I tend to be an observer in life.  I am behind the camera, observing special events in the life of other people.  I skip through other people’s lives like a kid on a
chalk-drawn hopscotch game. Hopping over and landing in the dashes of their lives.
 This day, I was in the DASH of the celebration of the life of Gino Nistico.  The day was to put the mourning behind, and move on to the celebration of a man, with a personality bigger than life.
 Of course, there was music.  Multiple bands were there to honor Gino, and help raise funds for Gino’s family.  Rock Garden, Poor Dead Molly, Matt Mirable Band, Modern Vintage, Legend, and his band, Playback.

The day started with hugs and wiping away a few tears, then it moved on to a concert, people laughing, exchanging stories of Gino.  Most of the stories, painted pictures of this larger than life, foreboding man.  His outward appearance would scare some. But once you spoke to him, you could tell he had a heart of gold.  Stories of his antics, placed smiles on the faces of those reliving the days.
Many times the “GINO HANDSHAKE” was seen.  A simple, one erect finger, said it all.  It seemed to sum his personality in one gesture-  “This is me, I am not going to change for anyone- Here I am…No excuses”

The beat of the show, seemed to mirror the beat of life.  It started out unsure of what was to come, but as more people arrived, the love was there. Growing and surrounding each person in attendance.
Peter Jones and Greg Gamache, put together a heartfelt video, journaling the life of Gino.  There were tears.  Many could not hold them back-  but, this was all a part of the grieving process-  the tears, the hugs, the support of so many friends.  This process was needed.
The tears gave way to smiles and dancing, as the next band took the stage.
Dancing began, smiles returned, hugs continued.

So, we bid farewell, to a friend, a father, a husband, a bandmate.
Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers of this event.  Vito Ciccarelli, Greg Gamache, Jayme Albin, Shawn Blackmer, Brandon Orlesky.

“Beginnings are scary. Endings are sad. But it’s everything in between that makes life worth living.”-Bob Marley

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