Covid Responsible for KISSTORY Return

Written by on August 20, 2021

Friday the 13th- at The Strand Theater in Hudson Falls… The Magic of The Demon was summoned.
We were jolted back in time to 1982
In a true to the artist tribute, KISSTORY put on an unbelievably accurate show.
Starting with makeup and costumes, (taking 60-90 minutes) all the way to the photos with  fans at the end of the show.

PreShow Makeup

The strand rocked with music.  It was obvious each band member was well-versed in their individual part to play, and all those parts made an awesome experience for the almostg capacity crowd at The Strand.

Vinny  Dawson  as The Demon

Kevin Conrad  as The Fox

Jason  Taft  as Spaceman

Dave Bariteau  as Starchild

Kevin Conrad & Dave Bariteau


Kisstory  was established  in 1996, by Vinny Dawson.  It was definitely a morphing project, as there have been  many members over the years.

I wondered how these four men, all fit the persona of each KISS member so accurately- It was so much more than just putting make-up on the face– In no way, did anyone at the show have to try to guess who each member was portraying, they were all that spot on.

“Before social media, trying to find the right members was near impossible”  Said Vinny Dawson…”Many years of auditioning people was very frustrating.”

You not only have to look like the members, you have to sound like them, you have to play like them.  If you had a drummer who did not have the body type of Eric Carr, or as singer who did not resemble Paul Stanley, etc it just wouldn’t have been this great of a tribute band.

Vinny Dawson played Ace for the 1st 14 yrs of Kisstory.  He became frustrated with trying to  find a good Demon. He then decided he can  do it better than any of the others and it would be easier to find an “Ace”.  So, since 2010 he played the Demon.

In 2015 it was decided to retire Kisstory.  Then after sitting in his house for a year due to Covid, he decided Kisstory will do one more time around.   He brought in his band mates from their non makeup Kiss tribute band “Revenge”  and here we are today …The Return  of Kisstory. perhaps the “time out to reflect” which Covid regulations forced, was just what this band needed.
Speaking with the members it was easy to see that each one of them was not only a Super Fan, but also had a connection with the person they represented.

I went up on stage after the show, to take some fan photos with the members. You would swear the fans were meeting the real thing!
One fan, Don Huerter, came up to me after the show. He said he wanted to see Eric.  I was confused at first, knowing there was no Eric in the band. Then, I realized he meant Kevin Conrad, who was portraying Eric Carr, the drummer. He who told me he nearly cried when he saw him step on the riser. He said he embodied Eric Carr, looked just like him.
What an honor, to know you can truly move people through your art.

Be sure to check out KISSTORY (Or their non make up version REVENGE-But you REALLY, REALLY want to see KISSTORY!  TRUST ME!)
September 4th Schaticoke Fair
September 25th Putnam Place in Saratoga
November 20th The Stage- In Buffalo
December 4th- Cohoes Music Hall


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