The Strand Theater

Lucid Street has collectively found their signature sound and offers something different and unique to their fans by recreating the best of classic rock, playing the songs that no other bands can.  You should expect to hear Led Zeppelin, Rush, Queen, Dua Lipa, Heart, Boston and more at a Lucid Street performance. Lucid Street is also avidly working on […]

Rising Star: Max LaFarr: Carrying on the Legacy of Legends – by Stephanie J Bartik – NY Rockstar Photographer. In the world of music, the torch is often passed from one generation to the next, igniting new flames of talent and creativity. One such torchbearer making waves in the rock and roll scene is Max […]

RRX: So happy that you’re still doing this after all these years and I’m really excited. The Strand is a beautiful theater, very historic. RP: How old is it? it’s been around a long time, right? Because it sounds familiar to me. RRX: I don’t know exactly how long it’s been around but everything is […]

Beyond Purple rocked the house at The Strand Theater in Hudson Falls, NY, on Friday, March 25th Beyond Purple belts out the hits of Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow and Dio all born out of the Deep Purple family tree. The talent in this band is hard to match. Traveling throughout New England, the lead vocals […]

Friday the 13th- at The Strand Theater in Hudson Falls… The Magic of The Demon was summoned. We were jolted back in time to 1982 In a true to the artist tribute, KISSTORY put on an unbelievably accurate show. Starting with makeup and costumes, (taking 60-90 minutes) all the way to the photos with  fans […]

Let us take a minute  talk about your favorite band. Have you ever wondered why you love  them so much? Every time they come to town you buy a ticket and go see them live. You own every single thing they have ever recorded and they never let you down! But what if one day […]

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