Rhett Miller (Old 97’s) Soars at The Hangar on the Hudson 9/17/21 By: Stephanie J Bartik

Written by on September 18, 2021


In the fourth show since covid closure, the Hangar was buzzing last night!
Things were a bit different than the last time I caught a show there. You had to show proof of vaccine at entry. There were seats in half the room, where before it was all open for dancing, groups, etc. However, the new set up did not sway people from having a great time!

Opening the show was singer/songwriter, Belle Skinner; a soprano with an angel-like lilt to her voice, clear and melodic. She and her guitar and mesmerized the crowd as she sang with an almost Joni Mitchell vibe.
When Rhett Miller took the stage, a man with an upbeat youthful look, mixing the likes of Rob Thomas and Mike Nesbitt (trust me; it worked) it was obvious many of his fans were present. After over two decades with his Alternative Country Rock band, The Old 97s, Rhett treated us to some of his solo greats.

Hair-flipping, arm-windmilling, belting through songs from the heart, songs from experience. I suppose this is where the ‘country’ part comes in, but twangy country, this was not!

As he shared his music and pieces of his life, you can see he was having fun up there. As the show was winding down, and the last song was played, he stepped behind a curtain, (his toes showing from behind the drape) He peered out waiting for the crowd to ask for more. He let them shout, looked out again, just teasing them all. When he popped out fully, the crowd was appreciative and gave two standing ovations. Rhett Miller has a new fan.

To catch his music, check out his website HERE!


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