30 Years Ago Today: Nirvana’s NEVERMIND was Released and Music was Forever Changed For The Better.

Written by on September 24, 2021

September 24, 1991, Nirvana puts out an album for which the world would embrace it’s fresh teen-spirited breathe. While we are on the topic of breathing, the baby in the photo needs zero scuba gear but.. the now 30 something year old baby realized he needs more than just that hooked George Washington.  So perhaps he is now thinking if he can get some more cash together he could buy all the scuba diving equipment he could get his sweaty hands on. I digress. Just saying I didn’t post the bottom half of of the NEVERMIND cover because I don’t want this baby to sue me too!

There’s no denying Nirvana and the Seattle scene changed it all. Even to this day there is at least one radio station in every city in America claiming to be “alternative.”

I’ll never forget the bus ride home from school that April day in 1994 when the “cool” kids on their way home from high school were sharing their tears over the death of Kurt Cobain. Think of the other albums we’d be celebrating the anniversaries of.  We can only imagine.

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