Girl Blue is On the Rise, Pay Attention By: Shana Pike

Written by on December 3, 2021

Girl Blue can now officially say she’s sold out the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Lift Series show, it is an intimate experience where the audience is seated right on stage with the performer. The breathtaking acoustic perfection of the Music Hall combined with the intimacy of on-stage seating and a small audience make the Lift Concert Series an unparalleled experience. 

To kick off December, Girl Blue was accompanied by Jimi W. for a cozy and intimate Wednesday night performance. The collaboration showcased simple, clean harmonies that you didn’t realize you needed, and the duo’s sound was stripped down, exposed, and truly rang out. Although it was her first time performing at the Music Hall, you never would have known. She masterfully commanded the space – dynamically bringing down the sound to make the audience literally lean in, and later, letting her voice’s power shine out and take everything to the next level. 

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many Girl Blue shows and each venue and audience provides an amazingly different experience. From acoustic coffee shop solo performances to headlining outdoor venues with a full band, the consistent thread in all Girl Blue shows is the vulnerability she brings to each performance. This is what truly makes Girl Blue a unique, one-of-a-kind artist; she bravely opens her heart and reaches a level of authenticity that some artists only dream of achieving. 

The consistent thread in all Girl Blue shows is that she. Her performances will leave you craving more. If you’re a music lover who really connects with vulnerable lyricism and impressive vocals, Girl Blue is an absolute must-see.

The quaintness of the concert allowed Girl Blue to share some exciting updates. After a year of hard work, she is releasing her long-awaited album, “Heavy Heart”, on December 15th. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and other streaming platforms. If you’re like me and are an avid Girl Blue fan, you can support her on Patreon for early access to her new recordings, as well as exclusive live streams, demos, and more.

Girl Blue offers the whole package – breathtaking vocals, skillful guitar playing, and enchanting stage presence. If you want to catch her next show, she will be opening for Mikaela Davis and Southern Star at The Hallow on December 11th at 8 pm!

It’s pretty safe to say that her goals of “trying to get better at this guitar” and “trying to get out of these dive bars” have been officially accomplished.

RadioRadioX cannot wait to see what great things this local gem will do next.


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