Full Moon Godfather – Sean Cranston Interview By: Vegas Nacy

Written by on December 4, 2021

RRX: Sean, it’s a pleasure to sit down with you to let everyone know what you’re about and what you’re up to!

How long have you been in the film biz and what are some of the films you’ve released?

SC: Started my journey with a video camera in my youth when I got the Home Alone video camera for Christmas at like seven or eight and it somehow all evolved and taken me to my early 30’s. My first real job was field security at my hometown drive-in theater at 16. Just always wanted to surround myself with that lifestyle so my life had no choice but to become that. I’m far from done learning about the craft.

I have two independent films on Amazon Prime – RedVille (2020) and Highlighters (2018)

RRX: what other projects have you done besides film?

SC: I graduated high school in 2006 and since then I’ve played in a handful of independent touring and studio bands, worked in radio, television, and a stint in stand-up comedy. I currently teach and play drums for a living with the Albany School of Rock, which I love and keeps my schedule busy. And most importantly keeps me behind the kit. 

Over the summer, I was given the opportunity to play a featured character voice in the video game Knockout City. Would love to do more work like that, voice acting is a ton of fun. 

RRX: With your newest film Full Moon Fathers, (that I’m happy to be a part of) how were you inspired to come up with the plot and what is it about?

SC: Yes, you were brother Vegas! You were one of my original cast ideas and you made it happen! 

I think I can spoil that the original script for Full Moon Fathers was about a werewolf biker gang hunted by a werewolf hunter in 1979 – now it’s about a criminal biker gang trying to survive themselves in 1979. They wake up in the woods after a night of partying to find their vice president mysteriously murdered and it’s every man for himself as all hell breaks loose.

I read the first script I wrote post COVID lockdown and just thought,  “This is a very stupid movie and I wouldn’t enjoy making this.” I called Mike Hayes, our lead actor, and told him what I didn’t like and he lit a fire under my ass by telling me a story of a time he busted an outlaw biker gang during his time as a U.S. Marshall. And away we went! 

RRX: You work with Westfield films for the camera work. What is it about the way that they shoot that keeps you partners?

SC: Jim (cinematographer) is one of my oldest friends since childhood and he has an eye for detail that is incomparable to other cinematographers. He also has an enormous heart for this type of work. I told Jim in elementary school that I hoped he and I will win an Oscar one day. I’m very lucky to have him and the mighty art director, John Stegemann working alongside me. John and I are both long time buds and he’s a fellow drummer too – I’ve learned a lot from collaborating with them over the past few decades. We’re a power trio! Like ZZ Top!

RRX: If you were this age in 1978 what kind of movies would you have made?

SC: Probably the same types of films – I love that era of movies and music. Always gritty and genre bending.

RRX: Top five bands that write great soundtrack music?

SC: Queen (Highlander), BeeGees (Saturday Night Fever) RZA (Kill Bill) Curtis Mayfield (Superfly) and I guess Oingo Boingo cause Danny Elfman.

RRX: When will Full Moon Fathers be released and do you have anything planned for the premiere?

SC: No big plans yet, just trying to finish the film up and get the score done – which is almost like a movie in itself. Will probably take up a lot of 2022. Also really depending on where we stand as a society by the release of the film – hopefully in a place where people want to leave their house and see a local film premier. 

RRX: Vinyl or digital?

SC: Vinyl any day – it’s a real experience – you put it on and can engage with the album art and lyrics. That’s kinda become a lost hobby and conversation piece.

RRX: Thank you for taking the time to enlighten us! Be safe out there and I’ll see you at the movies!

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