The Va Va Voodoos Would’ve Fit in Perfectly in the Mid to Late 60’s -By: Jim Barrett

Written by on January 21, 2022

In my late teens I spent a lot of time on “The strip” in Troy. Around 65′ to 67′ there were over 20 great places for bands to play. No one was looking for trouble, just out to blow off steam and have fun.

I was in a band and loving every minute of it. The bands rocked hard and everyone danced the night away. Local garage heroes The Va Va Voodoos would’ve fit right in.
Their latest “The Toad Hall Sessions” is a gem, featuring originals like “Stand Up” and “Camel Walk” as well as killer covers like The Pretty Things “Midnight to 6 Man.” Drummer Tony and bassist Joanne are the perfect fit for Johnny Mystery’s hard hitting guitar leads.

Vocals are great, songs are great and I love these guys, they’re fabulous. Go and see them live buy this CD and turn it up loud!

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