“Louie Louie” Marathon at Wynantskill American Legion -Review by Amy Modesti 

Written by on March 31, 2022

It was crazy then… it was even crazier Sunday afternoon. 

Thirty years ago, The Lawn Sausages did a marathon performing “Louie Louie” (Richard Berry) for charity. Thirty years later, they, along with RadioRadioX/Xperience Monthly Magazine & Mirth Films, presented 5 hours of “Louie Louie” and raised money for the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY. 

A who’s who of area musicians were at the Wynantskill American Legion. They played kazoos and used their gear for everyone’s favorite song that got stuck in their head. Bands such as The Lawn Sausages with Bill Milhizer of The Fleshtones, members of Soul Sky, Big Frank and the Bargain Bingers, Va Va Voodoos, Off the Record, Chris Sanders, Tommy Love, Northern Borne, Peggy of Troy, John Cehowski, Steve Candlen, Blackcat Elliot, Smittix, Scotty Mac, Johnny Rabb, Brother T. and others joined on the fun. 

Along the legion’s floor, a musician (Count Jesse Von Sample) laid out six candles, a red napkin, kazoo, wine cup with beverage and image in hand. He gave the audience the official “Louie Louie” ritual that had a bit of Spanish spoken word to it. Quite the interesting ritual given by the area musician indeed.

“Louie Louie” was played in many musical styles ranging from metal, blues, bluegrass, jam, made-up lyrics, rock, reggae, kazoo-based, and in its original version. Not one version of “Louie Louie” was the same. 

Not too often do you get to see your music photographers get away from the camera to play some music and that’s exactly what Frankie Cavone (Mirth Films) and Amy Modesti (RadioRadioX/ALM Fine Art & Photography) did. Played two extended music sets and had some fun. Cavone made his official stage debut playing guitar and Modesti right behind him on piano and vocals. 

Is “Louie Louie” catchy? Yes. 

Was it silly to play your kazoo on stage or at your table? Yes.

Did you have fun at the “Louie Louie” Marathon?! Yes. 

“Louie Louie” was a blast and all the crazy fun held Sunday; March 27,2022 was all for a great cause. Kudos to all for taking part in the marathon & raising more awareness about food insecurity. 


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