Shout at the Dust -By: Vegas Nacy

Written by on June 13, 2022

I believe the year was 2010. I was recording tunes for my then solo project (“Selfish Needy Creatures”), and Morgan Rose from the almighty 7Dust was heading up to my house to record the drums. He was staying for five days and had already shipped up cymbals and gear to record with. The day before I was picking him up at the airport I received a call from his tech, Reagan. He told me that Tommy Lee had just burned his hand during some pyro on the Motley Crue tour and Tommy had called Morgan to fill in starting immediately. 

Seeing how the Crue were playing about a 90-minute set or more each night, Morgan had to get to rehearsing straight away and unfortunately would not be able to make it to NY. He said to hang tight, and Morgan would call me soon. He called later that evening apologizing and asked me to come out with the tour for a couple nights, so I did. 

I’ve known Morgan for 20 years and it’s always a great time with him.  First night is . in Connecticut. The members of Motley Crue each travel on their own bus so Tommy, Morgan and I head straight to Tommy’s bus, just the three of us.  Tommy was bandaged up but was so nice, so chill. We talked about a bunch of the crazy days  with the Crue.

Eventually it was show time. Tommy had his own area backstage set up under a circus tent! There was tons of food, a bar that was stocked, side show peeps etc. Tommy told me to enjoy myself and we would all meet up after the show. Well, Morgan killed it, Tommy sat next to him and would occasionally hit some cymbals and drums. When we met up after the show Tommy was a different man. He was loud, drunk, out of his mind and I loved it! I have been fortunate enough to have many of these memories with rockstars and they always remind me that road life is extremely hard on the mind and body and I would have put myself in serious harm had I gotten to that level of fame so I am grateful to have the experiences without being 100% committed to the lifestyle. 

PS – Morgan never got to finish the drums for my solo stuff but he did sing on “Selfish Needy Creatures” debut release “The Hard Way”

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