Don’t Hold Back, Tell Us How You Really Feel: Jim Barrett’s List of Gripes!

Written by on June 24, 2022

As a lifetime music junkie I pretty much love almost any style of music. However, there are somethings about the way it is is presented sometimes that drives me insane!
Here are some examples:

1). Being at a wedding and hearing “just take those old records off the shelf,” this makes me want to piss on the DJ’s equipment!

2). I hate the way talentless singers mutilate the national anthem at ball games. Screeching and bellowing like a constipated moose. It’s pure hell.

3). White people trying to sing gospel in church with some dumb old fart playing an out of tune organ. Yuck.

4). Marching bands playing some wretched rock song to be cool, while the moronic conductor smiles like Mr. Ed. Kill, kill, kill.

5). Smooth jazz created by some marketing dirtbags who have no respect or concept of jazz music. To all the dimwits who got sucked into this concept, now you can buy all of it for 25 cents at your nearest garage sale.

6). Open mic nights with the same 20 people singing the same 3 songs every week. You can’t drink enough to suffer through this crap.

7). The dentist office: It’s bad enough just being there but they make you suffer though the Dentist’s God-awful CD collection. Pull his teeth and burn his stereo.

EXTRA Insanity: I hate when you call an 800 number and they say “all of our operators are currently busy” and then they play some 3rd rate classical trash. Same music every time you call. Thanks a million!

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