July 2022  Horoscopes From: Conscious Medium Brandon Russ

Written by on July 8, 2022

Welcome to the Monthly Astrology Feature. I’m Conscious Medium Brandon Russ and I
combine all the tools of the trade for your journey. Connect with me at
http:linktr.ee/brandonruss for events, classes and private readings.

The good news is, it’s sorta quiet, the bad news, the quiet can make it a touch boring, but
isn’t that perfect! Pretty quiet until late July where LEO becomes the influencer, with the
New Moon, Mercury and SUN are all in Leo at once. Not to mention Jupiter goes
Retrograde!…get ready to ROAR!
Aries – July is a fantastic time for you! Enjoy the fire energy without being the center of
attention. Enjoy friends, family and romance!

Taurus – Touch of nostalgia combined with some Jupiter Empowerment. The Capricorn
moon will make things seem easy for harmony and feeling your best.

Gemini – Stick to the plan! Follow through on the dreams, the tactics, and the vision. Let
fate guide your path right now. If you did the work, the rewards are a plenty

Cancer – Only six more months to Christmas and you already started your shopping.
Your strength and perseverance (and planning) mean everything, so why change.
Mercury and communication are paramount.

Leo – Harmony and Peace with gentle Venus and a Capricorn moon. You are in synch
with your spirit and surroundings. Careful not to waste energy on jealousy and petty

Virgo – Confidence is high, repeat, confidence…is high. Use that confidence in your
prowess for a mate, advancement or a passion.

Libra – Your usual good time is amped up with a serious great full moon in Capricorn,
you want to take the world by storm. It’s time to create and take control.

Scorpio – The Jerry Maguire moment goes to…Scorpio. Big ideas and ‘who’s coming
with me’ is the logo for the month!

Sagittarius – Career is a focus right now. So, while others have fun, you have something
to prove. So do it! The fun will come, now is the time for discipline.
Capricorn – Hello Karma, my old friend. You’ve come to mess with me again. I didn’t
mean to be so charming…I whispered slight to the deserving, but the echo of silence
forever golden, a lesson remembered.

Aquarius – So having the time of your life, are you? Avoid the negative…anyone that’s
a little too ‘Mars’ for you; aggressive, malcontent, or negative, just steamroll them as a
good time.

Pisces – Don’t be a moody bitch. But it’s your nature and alone time is on the menu now.
Be reflective on yourself and try not to get any on people around you. Heal if you must.

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