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August  2022 

Welcome to the Monthly Astrology Feature. I’m Conscious Medium Brandon Russ and I combine all the tools of the trade for your journey.  Connect with me at for events, classes and private readings. 

The good news is, we’ve got warm weather and the stars on our side this month. Full moon in Aquarius gives the persona of fun at all costs, with a hint of a lack of apologies. Uranus goes retrograde late in the month and makes us wonder if we were dreaming or go all in with the next great thing.

Aries – Stick to the budget and realize doing nothing but sitting by a fire is a good time! Creative work schedules help you juggle it all, put you first, as per usual.   

Taurus – Attention is coming your way for certain! Your practical side receives a dose of mushy as you move through this month. The full moon in Aquarius makes things spontaneous, so get ready. 

Gemini– August is the perfect storm for all things Gemini, what a great month. All the stars align for professional and personal this month, because when Uranus goes retro on the 24th, your brand of zany will be needed. 

Cancer– Optimism is a superpower, right? That’s why the new opportunities come flying in. Relax on the love life, it will be there, but don’t lose sight that it’s a two-way street, always. Mercury enters Libra at the end of the month and restores balance.

Leo– Quit trying to control everything and go with the flow. The full moon in Aquarius this month makes you counterintuitive with situations, take it easy and don’t overthink.

Virgo– Confidence is high, repeat, confidence…is high. Use that confidence in your prowess for a mate, advancement or a passion. 

Libra– Good time to plan a little R&R. When you’re chill, that’s when the magic happens, new directions, new lovers, new experiences. Mercury hits Libra on the 24th, Sparks…

Scorpio– Rocky start, but strong finish. You clearly want to know who is with you moving forward, in partners and in life. Intuition is getting you ready for something big. 

Sagittarius – Career has a little more hold the first half of the month, after the full moon in Aquarius, you find your sweet spot for rest and love. Go get ‘em.

Capricorn– You’re a beauty but that’s not enough. Saturn in retrograde is making you trim expenses and look at your career, hard. Don’t let the temporary compliment distract you.

Aquarius – The energy you keep will be minimal. Planning season for you, opposite Leo, this is a time to focus on a ‘plan’. Career number one, everything else second. 

Pisces – After a period of healing, you get shot out of the proverbial cannon, especially for career. This while you evaluate what is important to you, Jupiter expands, play your game, everyone copies anyways.

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