Summer Recap in Photos: Ballyhoo!, E-Block and Souly Had at Alive@5 Albany, NY 07-21-2022

Written by on August 27, 2022

Photography By: Andrzej Pilarczyk

Talk about fun! Ballyhoo have been on the scene since 1995. Yes, they haven’t reached the pinnacle on a like minded band, well, like, 311, however they are the ‘Bomb’ when it comes to the fusion of Reggae, Rock, and Indie music! Check ’em out! Their 2018 outing, “Detonate,” has been on my Disc changer for several weeks now and I keep wondering why I didn’t hear of them before all these years. They are great! (My Bad). E-Block and Souly Had are from our region, however, if you walked into that Alive@5 show at its beginning, you might have thought they were the head-liners. They, too, were that good.

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