Recap: Joan Osborne at The Egg 11/11/2022 -By: Rob Smittix

Written by on November 14, 2022

Photography By: Tim Reidy

I was very much looking forward to taking my wife out for a nice dinner last Friday night followed by an enchanted evening at The Egg to see Joan Osborne in concert. Well, she ended up having to watch our grandbaby so I ended up taking Tim Reidy, one of our photographers here at instead. Because of this I never had dinner, so thank God that The Egg sells snacks because my blood sugar was low. It was nice of Tim to join me and although it was no longer a date at least we now have better pictures to go along with this review.

Teddy Thompson (Son of Richard and Linda Thompson) opened the show with a fantastic acoustic set.  I’ve encountered sons, daughters and even grandkids of well known musicians before and certainly many of them are just riding the coattails of a family legacy and why the hell not? Right? But this is far from being the case with Teddy Thompson, his music was great and very enjoyable. I really appreciated his guitar tone and his vocal range was something that made a vocalist like myself a tad envious.

I recently did a brief interview with Joan Osborne (Full Interview Here) and I asked the question, “what are we to expect from this show?” Joan replied, “It will be a mixed bag of fan favorites, touching on most of the albums I’ve put out. Songs from “Relish” of course, the Bob Dylan album, and “Bring It On Home” which was nominated for a Grammy for best blues album, plus 2020’s “Trouble and Strife.” I’m feeling really energized about playing live, I really missed it!” Well, Joan certainly delivered on this but after playing a few songs, a surprise by the name of  Cindy Cashdollar (acclaimed Dobro and lap steel guitarist) came to the stage and joined in for the remainder of the evening. With Jack Petruzelli on guitar and Keith Cotton on keyboards and Piano, the addition made the night that much better.

The show ended with a standing ovation an encore and a second standing ovation as well. Joan was nice enough to join the audience in the lobby inside the Swyer Theatre after the show to just simply say hello to fans and sign albums. It was a great night of music for everyone that was there and I hope my wife isn’t too jealous that I had this wonderful experience without her.




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