Matty D

The Prince of Cohoes (Matty D) stops by to play a few tunes in our lobby here at SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE HERE!

Matty D – an Xperience Interview with Seth Casale. Watching any of Matty D’s many projects, one might think he is a true rock star in every sense down to the seemingly destructive way he uses his voice.  Getting to know him a bit better, you find that he possesses a remarkable ability to recover […]

Over 20 years ago in a Collar City far, far away from where it is today a group of local merchants banded together to host the first River Street Fest. The Late Dana Rudolf spearheaded the effort with help from Jim Barrett, Robin McDonough and many others. Over the years, the festival has ebbed and […]

3/5/23 518 Homegrown Review by Shows Leary The Storefront at 344 2nd Street in Troy, NY holds its monthly open mic. Pile on top of that a birthday celebration for the one and only Niki Kaos and the ingredients for a big pile of organic and original jams is on the counter. Matty D holds […]

RRX: Your intrepid reporter, Niki Kaos, turned the interview format on its ear! Ky McClinton and Matty D, from the podcast Ky and I, hosted a roundtable interview. Like a songwriter’s circle, but with talking, not singing. Prince Reed produced the session, and we relaxed into the cozy atmosphere of Matty D’s Van Schaick Island […]

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