Chandler Travis Three-O (6/24/2023) at The Hangar -Recap By: Jim Barrett

Written by on June 27, 2023

The Chandler Travis Three-O put on a masterclass show Saturday night at the Hangar on the Hudson in Troy. The Jazz Festival at SPAC was happening as well, so I’m sure some fans weren’t in attendance. Those who were however, witnessed one of America’s Finest combos at the pinnacle of a long storied career.

One could hear the influences and vocal styles of the Four Freshmen, the hilarity of Spike Jones, swinging Dixieland, New Orleans funk along with a healthy dose of folk and rock n roll. This band is the very definition of Americana. Their Duke Ellington tribute was astounding, featuring John on bass, Berke on keyboards and horns which accents everything perfectly and is certainly the band’s secret weapon. Fred has blossomed into a killer vocalist, giving a Broadway vibe to the mix. Not to mention some great hats! Chandler is a great musician, singer and songwriter and above all, he is a pure entertainer. Together they are truly the “everything” band.

They played the show as if it were their last. If ever a band leaves it all on the floor Chandler Travis Three-O is it. If you hit The Cape this summer, look them up you won’t regret it.

Paulette Humanbeing was a charming, fun and witty opener. Thank you boys for bringing Paulette, we love her. A special thanks to Brian and Molly (The Hangar) for once again bringing us an amazing show. Their love for music is beyond obvious.

-Jim Barrett

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