Lino Tomasen – The Man Who Hammers Himself

Written by on September 18, 2023

The principles of journalism revolve around giving people unbiased news that they need to be an informed citizenry. Soooo glad I’m not a journalist, no matter what anyone tells ya’. Because the lofty heights of true journalistic integrity was walk right past Lino Tomasen with their noses sucking up altitude. Yeah, *that” Lino Tomasen. The Cuban Iron Man. The man got the moniker by conditioning his body with the thousand blows of a heave hammer every day.

Like the kind of hammer that breaks rocks. Not the shitty one you buy at the hardware store to hang pictures. He maybe started out with those, but that’s not where he ended up.

You may be asking why this guy is hitting his body a thousand times a day with a heavy hammer. But if you read us, you might be thinking “Yeah, screw it, whatever.”

It was a boxer’s tale. He started doing this to toughen himself up for boxing, and man, it really paid off, because he won twenty-seven fights by knockout. But sadly, in that twenty-seventh fight, he killed his opponent. All of his money, about a hundred thousand American, he gave to the dead boxer’s family, and he wandered the streets a warrior monk, shrouded in hammer blows.

Actually, he just quit boxing, which was understandable, and he hit the streets, showing off his strength and his toughness. He also found an audience on social media, about a hundred thousand followers. So it’s a living. But you can’t help to wonder if each hammer blow is a somehow cathartic act, a self-punishment for the result of that last fight. Is he guilt-wracked or is he at the top of his very own big top? Does he cry over killing a man, or does he boast of it?

You’ll have to go to Cuba to find out. Watch out for hammers.

Here’s him doing it.


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