Heroes and the Great Eclipse – The Weird Side of the Internet

Written by on April 22, 2024

Heroes and the Great Eclipse – The Weird Side of the Internet – by Liam Sweeny.

What makes a hero? Is it simply bravery? Is the man (or woman) who runs into a burning building to save a puppy the bar by which a heroic act should be measured? Or is it simply any act or actor who breaks the bonds of simple expectation – that you keep your head down, perform your daily toil and leave others to theirs? Or is it truly the unexpected at that shines a spotlight on the absurdity of the ordinary and leaves you feeling that there’s more to existence than the sun, the moon, and the stars?

During the recent eclipse, one Mexican television station may just have been visited by a hero.

The outlet was RCG Media, and the offering was an opportunity for viewers to submit clips of the eclipse from where they were, which promised to be a hundred poorly-filmed clips of something that most people would be busy watching in the real world. But, speaking from experience, in media you come up with what you come up with, and any chance for free content is snatched up.

So the anchors are talking, a man and a woman, as this clip comes upp, the very beginning of the eclipse, when the sun is still holding on to the day. But something wasn’t right; the eclipse was descending too fast. But wait a second. That’s not right. That isn’t the moon…

That isn’t the moon.

What it was was a pair of testicles angled just right to take the moon’s place. And yes, it blocked out the sun, and with it, all conversation at the anchor’s desk. They were champs, though, only a gasp, no; two gasps. Then back to patter, and you can tell the professionalism of a news anchor by how fast they can turn back to common banter after seeing something so mindblowing.

For its part RCG Media did end up sharing the unedited footage on its social media site, which, of course, went viral, unlike the testicles, which may have been viral already.

If some woman had commented, “I know those testicles! That’s my husband, those are MINE!” That probably would’ve been the icing right there. But alas, the balls weren’t claimed.

If that had been on The Weather Channel, they’d have lost it for an hour at least. They freak out about thunder snow.




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