Outlaw Pup – Golf Cart Police Chase

Written by on September 30, 2023

Outlaw pup.

Roses are red, pine trees have sap… Man tries to evade police while driving a golf cart and holding a dog in his lap.

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. So here we have Florida man; no, I’m sorry, L.A. man, on the run from an assault with a deadly weapon, tearing up the freeway going 18 miles an hour in a shopping mall “security” golf cart holding a dog in his lap. This is all around funny, like those pictures that get more bizarre the more closely you look at them.

So a golf cart’s top speed is about 18 miles an hour, and that is apparently too slow for the cops to do an O.J. Simpson-style white Bronco chase down Santa Monica Freeway, yet too fast for the cops to just run up to him and take out the key (do they have keys? Not a golfer.)

Even funnier is the fact that they set up road spikes multiple times, to no effect. This guy had no shirt, no shoes, just a trusty pup and a can-do attitude. Driving into parking lots, looping around buildings; eventually they stopped him because he got blocked in by an eighteen-wheeler making deliveries.

Of course, any story this good changes the more you read into it. Above I mentioned assault with a deadly weapon, but the New York Post said they got the call for robbery and grand theft – which would be exactly the call they would get if the theft of the golf cart was not the getaway from a crime, but the crime itself.

Best part? Upon being tackled by two dozen cops, the man, not yet identified, apologized to his dog, who was identified as Rocky.

Was this man drunk? Of course he was drunk. Was this man an outlaw hero? For some, maybe. But the real hero of this story was Rocky, who in the video was pretty chill when being chased by a shitload of cops.

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