Stay Sassy, Chapter Five – Is “Sad” a Four Letter Word?

Written by on November 18, 2023

“Is sad a four-letter word?” – by Sassy Auburn.

Stay Sassy – Chapter Five

Have you ever gotten overwhelmed by an extreme feeling of sadness? Like, out of nowhere at the oddest time? It happened to me this week and it really took me off guard. I have experienced anxiety and full-blown panic attacks over the years, I admit. I don’t brag about it. I just have them once in a blue moon. I’m glad my doctors listened to me when I first had symptoms. The overwhelming feeling of sadness, however, was a little different. I guess my doctors weren’t surprised when they noticed my psych symptoms changing. I was more tired, couldn’t concentrate, lost my appetite, and several more. Should I have been shocked? Not after all of my broken bones, operations, PT, pain, insomnia, ice packs, hot packs, etc. that I had been through. I had set myself up for a disaster with my negative self-talk too. I’m unfortunately a pro at that. I guess I’m not too shocked that the anxiety triggered a bit of depression as well. All I know is I’m better than before, so yay to my doctor that listens and doesn’t turn me into a lab rat. That too is progress. No matter what speed I’m healing at, I’ve got to try to stay on the positive road as much as possible without getting overwhelmed and looking for the nearest rabbit hole. Depression and anxiety doesn’t help when you’re healing either. I just need to stay relaxed, keep the negativity at bay and give it time. Although it’s still a journey…I am getting closer to fine.

Staying healthy in body & mind is super challenging when you’re trying to keep the negative Nancys at bay. Most times I have no clue what they are doing till it’s too late. Hell, most times they don’t even know they are doing it. I just have to acknowledge it’s not Nancy’s battle, it’s mine, and stay strong. Keep my eye on the prize, and that will keep me “balanced”.

A smile is the first step I guess….. so I’ll stay sassy with a big grin. Plus it makes them wonder what I am up to!



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