Stay Sassy – Chapter Four

Written by on November 6, 2023

Stay Sassy, by Sassy Auburn.

It’s nice to finish up any journaling in a timely fashion. Because nothing big happened this week, that’s a huge “Yay!” for me. I can now sit on the couch with the remote, drink my matcha latte, watch game shows and daydream about the pizza that will be delivered at 6pm. Listen, I’m not a hermit. But the fact is if I go out, I will have to somehow interact with people. THAT I would like to avoid right now. I’ll watch the tree branches wave back and forth in the light wind, see the wispy clouds float by, and hear the familiar melody of cop car sirens two blocks over. Believe me, after eight years here… that is paradise to me. I like to have an ignorable plan each day, and then exercise that right when necessary. But when I do have stuff to do and get it accomplished, it feels good. I’ll admit it. I’m just not in a socializing mood right now. You get it, I’m sure.

I think I’m doing a photoshoot Sunday. I’ll be wearing a ball gown. Like a Cinderella gown. I’ve never wore a big poofy princess gown. I’m not sure how the photos will come out, but we will see. I’m curious. Honestly, I’m more of a Metallica fairy princess. I’ll have to add a bit of metal bliss to the outfit just to make it me. Yes! —I’m up for the challenge. I love photo shoots that are out of my comfort zone. I thrive on those challenges… and accomplishments. The makeup for the shoot will be easy enough, but the hair may be an issue. Maybe I’ll style a wig. I don’t know. I do best when I wing it. We’ll see.

I can’t believe it’s November. Leaves went from green to gone. The trip to Vermont was good though, even though the rain made it dreary. Didn’t matter to me: there was a fireplace in the cabin and a porch swing to sit on and smoke my medicine. Vermont is so laid back, people tell ME to slow down. Fabulous. I’ll keep playing Lotto with $5/wk and a dream.

Speaking of medicine, it’s Friday so I’m going to sort my “scripts’ accordingly. I’m also going to turn on the portable heater. I feel so freaking cold. I hate being cold. I won’t be comfortable now till June.

Stay warm… and stay sassy.


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