They’ll Slap You For Cash

Written by on December 9, 2023

They’ll Slap You For Cash – by Liam Sweeny.

Ingenuity is dead. As soon as something unique becomes cool, they shut it down. Or it gets too big tor keep itself sorted. Well, weary travelers. I will give you the eulogy of the Shachihoko-ya Slap.

Shachihoko-ya is fine culinary establishment in Nogoya, Japan. It was so fine it offered its diners a little something extra with their meal. Diners could pay 300 yen to get slapped over and over by their waitress. In fact, for 200 more, they could ask to get slapped by a specific waitress.

A video of it surfaced from years ago and it went viral. So now they’re not doing it anymore.

This appeared on their website: “Shachihoko-ya currently does not offer slaps. We appreciate the attention it has received today, but we cannot accommodate visits with the intention of receiving slaps. We didn’t expect old videos to go viral like this, so please understand before coming.”

See? Y’all have to ruin it. Not my ‘y’all,’ the other y’all. I have never been slapped by a waitress in my life, but to just go into a restaurant and order a quick lunch and a slap, I would do it. I would have to do it once. It sounds like something everyone should strive to do once in their lives.

Is it some little palm-play, nice, slow, simple slap, or is it a haul-off face destroyer, that’s what I want to know.

There’s this other restaurant (also in Japan) you order something and they bring you something else, like it’s their job not to care. I know half of you think I am a weirdo for digging this stuff, but crazy stuff like this is what makes the world worth it. Let’s walk on the wild side! Let’s go get a slapping, tell our grandkids about it. what say?


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