Written by on February 21, 2024

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This is Jesse Sample. The past 100 years of human technology have been wild, to say the least. The last 50 years have been especially nuts. Nobody that I know, or have ever heard of, has or has had a great grandmother with an only-fans page. We are, as a human race, before a new frontier.

In the modern day, the billions of years of technology composing our gray matter is now in contact with a white-hot new technology that is fusing all of our old tech together. And by my estimation, we’ve gained a lot. I can pay my bills from my bed while I stream the Sopranos. I can listen to a podcast, order my coffee ahead of time, take an uber, and send my weekly art project to my buddy Rob across town on Tuesday nights.

But I wonder what is being lost. Our brains are in a different place than those of our great grandparents, not to mention our cavemen predecessors. Is there a way to enjoy the perks of modern technology without losing our animal sense for what’s real and meaningful? Would our Great Great grandmothers have had only-fans accounts if the technology was there? I mean, they lived through a depression and what is more animal style hard wired than a parents drive to feed their young.

This week’s song is my attempt to find a balance in my life between the alluring separation that technology provides and the skin-to-skin messy affairs of being a physical human among other physical human beings.

Thank you to all of you listening to RadioRadioX. This is the Freak of the Week, “Lust Machine”

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