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I am a pretty patient person. Okay, that’s a lie. I have patience but you could probably put it in a toothpaste cap and maybe have some room to spare. I’m not an impatient ass who sits five cars back at an intersection honking if the first car’s wheels aren’t moving a millisecond after the […]

I believe the year was 2010. I was recording tunes for my then solo project (“Selfish Needy Creatures”), and Morgan Rose from the almighty 7Dust was heading up to my house to record the drums. He was staying for five days and had already shipped up cymbals and gear to record with. The day before […]

In sports, it’s called “an audible”, a last-minute change to a planned action. I was to discuss the death of country music superstar Naomi Judd, due to her struggle with mental illness, that made her eat a gun and commit suicide. I was going to tie it in with my struggles with mental illness through […]

Not feeling well. Get a prescription from T.V. Doctors who will heal your soul. T.V. Doctors are one of several musical acts to perform at the Listen Up Awards Show Friday, June 17 at Lark Hall and their mix of electronica, fusion, and improvised grooves will bandage your sour notes fast.  The Xperience witnessed this […]

Some people are amazing at one thing. And other people are not bad at a few things. And still others have a talent and a passion for everything they do, and in the spirit of life-long exploration, they do a whole lot of things. Richard Gladys (a.k.a. City Rich) had graced the cover of every […]

RRX: I’m actually here at The Linda in the green room, which is behind a bank vault. PH: It’s in the bank vault, it is actually the bank vault. RRX: In the bank vault, sitting with Peter Hughes. Peter, what is your official title? PH: I am the… it’s not that exciting, I am the […]

It’s been several years since I met Kelly and Keri Kintner in Mechanicville, NY. I was immediately impressed by their love of music. Especially their love of records, and what goes into producing a great recording. As a fan of original music from up-and-comers  I knew I had to reach out to find out what […]

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