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RRX: So happy that you’re still doing this after all these years and I’m really excited. The Strand is a beautiful theater, very historic. RP: How old is it? it’s been around a long time, right? Because it sounds familiar to me. RRX: I don’t know exactly how long it’s been around but everything is […]

This is “The Freak of the Week.” A BRAND NEW FEATURE THAT WILL APPEAR HERE ON OUR BLOG EVERY WEDNESDAY and WILL AIR on the RADIO at at 8pm Eastern EVERY WEDNESDAY GOING FORWARD! This is Jesse Sample along with some of the neighborhood dogs down here in Monterrey, MX . This week’s song […]

Vote for your FAVORITE 518/Regional Musical Artist HERE! Here are your 2024 ROCK & ODDITIES LISTEN UP AWARDS nominees! The voting process has begun for the 2024 Listen Up Awards! Your Vote, Your Choice! This year’s ceremony takes place on March 24th at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY with doors opening at 2pm. Aside […]


“This is Jesse Sample. For week 1 of 2024, I decided to go with something simple, short and sweet. It’s a 3 track guitar arrangement called “a seven in charge.” The whole composition is centered around an A#maj7 and all of the other chords are 13 chords (C#13, B13, and G#13). I considered how 7’s […]

In 2024, Mike Patrick celebrates 47 years of being on the radio. He has worked on stations in many different formats (Rock, Top 40, Country, News and even Disco Polka) and in different states (New York, Poverty, Intoxication and Indiana (where men are men and sheep don’t sleep at night). Mike claims he once duck […]

Jesse Sample swings through to play a few originals from his 52 track forthcoming album Freak of the Week SUBSCRIBE HERE:

Tyler and Austin of The Broken View stop by RadioRadioX studios to discuss booty calls and the secret service! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE!

LISTEN UP! The 2024 Hero Awards have been announced!!!! All of these folks have and continue to be a MAJOR INFLUENCE on our Local/518/Regional Music Scene!!!! Rudy Lu, Jason Keller, Bill Milhizer, Ralph Spillenger, Johnny Rabb, Charlene Shortsleeve, The Erotics and Ted Etoll !!!!! Currently we are in still in the nomination process for the […]

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