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RRX: Joan, thank you so much for taking the time with me today. We in the Capital Region of New York are very excited that you will be performing at The Egg Performing Arts Center November 11th. What are we to expect from this show? JO: It will be a mixed bag of fan favorites, […]

What is one blessed to have in life? A plethora of fresh food to eat daily, new attire to wear, a positive support system, an abundance of money, or basic needs to clean oneself? Not everyone is fortunate to have essentials in check. According to Feeding America, in Rensselaer County and its surrounding counties, over […]

Photo Credit: Daymon Gardner (Phone Rings) AD: Hey is this Rob? RRX: It is. AD: It’s Ani calling. RRX: I recognize your voice, how are you? AD: I’m good. RRX: I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. I’m excited about talking to you. AD: Aw shucks. You’re in Troy? RRX: Currently, […]

I met Deb when she was performing in the duo Cavanaugh and Kavanaugh at the RPI Community and Cultural Center. It was an eclectic music event, and I was drawn to Deb’s easy-going vibe. We later grew closer when my son participated in her family friendly Music Together classes. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed seeing […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy  

In the early 80’s, I was an underaged aspiring musician, desperately trying to break out of my high school music scene to be a part of something bigger. I think the drinking age was still 18; but I was far from the cutoff age, and looked even younger, so getting into clubs to see bands […]

Additional Photos By: Ed Conway There’s no better way to spend a weekday evening than hanging out at The Hangar on the Hudson in Troy and witnessing an energetically amazing show, like we did last Wednesday night.  Red on Red recording artists Stupidity came all the way from Stockholm, Sweden and they brought the always […]

Photo by Raeanne Wright Music is entertainment. It is also telepathy. It is the sharing of experience that defies words, even when words accompany the rhythms and melodies. We share experiences because we realize that what we go through can be beautiful and ugly and either way it can inspire more than just us. I […]

If you’re from the Capital Region chances are pretty good that you’ve caught The Glenn Slingerland Situation on more than one occasion, whether it was 35 years ago on the radio, 20 years ago on select cable stations or more recently on YouTube. Glenn Slingerland and the beautiful Situation Stars are still entertaining audiences every […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy      

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