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Whether it’s a song lyric, a visual motif, a short piece of flash fiction, a movie, or a play, all art tells a story. But whereas almost every form of abovementioned art can be reproduced and spread far and wide, some forms lose something. A live show’s not the same as a recording. But a […]

This video came out a year ago. Did anyone miss out on The new Smashing Pumpkins? If so here ya go! “As The Crow Flies”: The Smashing Pumpkins’ first episode of the five-part animated series, In Ashes, and official video for “The Colour Of Love.” Written and created by William Patrick Corgan.

On Comic News Insider, Jimmy Aquino’s bio starts: Jimmy Aquino is the pretty one.  He wrote that.  Actor, bartender, podcaster on all things Comics, he is an interesting character.  Read on and get to know an interesting renaissance man. RRX: I’m speaking with Jimmy Aquino. He is the host of the Comic News Insider ( […]

REMINDER: The Chandler Travis Duo will be performing at Jim Barrett’s Kaleidoscope CELEBRATION as he enters his 55th year on the air. Appearances by Off The Record Trio, Chris Busone Band, The Chandler Travis Duo , Soul Sky and special guests including the Lawn Sausages, Luke McNamee, Johnny Rabb, and More. September 10th at 6pm at […]

Food is beyond fuel. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t need eighty percent of what’s in our supermarkets. It is our comfort, our passion, and our obsession, for good or bad. And the people who provide us this food, should we not simply cook at home, are largely unseen and unsung. Ric Orlando is a chef […]

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