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Welcome to the 39th Annual Troy Victorian Stroll Season! The annual Troy tradition kicked off Sunday, December 5, bringing with it some family fun & holiday flair. This year’s stroll is a three-day affair, with remaining stroll dates on Saturday, December 11 & December 18. If you missed attending Sunday’s festivities, go to Troy to […]

Music is performance. It’s feeling and meaning. All true. Some people get up on stage determined to put on a show. Others get on stage to tap into that thing that’s greater than us all and wrestle its voice. They play because they love playing and would play in a dark room if there was […]

TROY, NEW YORK 12/5/21 Victorian Stroll The Lustre Kings performing at the Takk House in Troy, New York. Mike Kelley keyboard/ vocals : Mark Gamsjager guitar/vocals : Chris Sprague drums/vocals : Evan Conway bass What a great crowd on hand for the Holiday festivities!

By his own admission, is a workaholic. School, sports, homework then rock band. Rinse and repeat. This classically trained percussionist is now the go to drummer for everyone who is anyone. RRX: First, thank you. Kenny KA is my victim today for an interview KA: Yeah. I am a busy man, that’s for sure. The list […]

For months Peshy Kruger’s #LIFEEE BEHIND BARS II battle rap show was anticipated by fans. Who will come out on top? Who will be victorious? And then…for reasons that not even God herself could explain, when it came time to hit the stage everyone was sent packing. What we do know is that it had […]

RRX: Sean, it’s a pleasure to sit down with you to let everyone know what you’re about and what you’re up to! How long have you been in the film biz and what are some of the films you’ve released? SC: Started my journey with a video camera in my youth when I got the […]

Girl Blue can now officially say she’s sold out the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Lift Series show, it is an intimate experience where the audience is seated right on stage with the performer. The breathtaking acoustic perfection of the Music Hall combined with the intimacy […]

All images should be credited to: Courtesy Running Press The Cocktail Workshop  Photos are copyright @ 2021 by Quaker City Mercantile Cover copyright @ 2021 by Hatchette Book Group, Inc/ RRX: Gentlemen, first, thank you very much. Much appreciated. I’m speaking with Steve Erase and Adam Grasse about their new book, The Cocktail Workshop, which […]

Photo By: Photo: Anja van Ast Steve Conte is known for different things to different audiences.  Cowboy Bebop to some, a player with Blood, Sweat and Tears to others, and as a member of the iconic New York Dolls.  One hard hitting question and a bunch of other, interesting, conversations. RRX: We’re speaking with Steve […]

Dear Santa, Here is my Christmas list. I’d like The Figgs to open a show at SPAC. They are one of America’s best bands and hail from Saratoga. Not to mention it just makes good business sense. Put Super 400 in the Eddie’s Hall of Fame. Incredible songs, musicianship and devotion to the musical community. […]

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