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There’s a magic in music, a mysticism, only less in the way of sorcery, and more in the way that a bonfire is mystical. But at its heart, music is a communication. Whether it’s a call to your mind with moving, or novel chord progressions, or the simple backgrounds overlayed by a smooth voice telling […]

During the pandemic, we were all stuck at home with limited entertainment.  Adults and older generations clung to streaming movies and television.  However, the term streaming is more than movies and shows – it merely means broadcasting live to an audience. So, while you were watching Netflix and Hulu, the younger generations were joining online […]

Tune in Saturday January 8th for 3 hours of David Bowie on from Noon- 3pm eastern. Let’s celebrate what would have been David’s 75th birthday. Sponsored by Last Vestige Music Shop  


We don’t cover sports. This is not a declarative statement. We should cover sports in some way, maybe not the box scores, but sports and art are interlinked, and you can’t really say ‘culture’ without a nod to some healthy competition. So, we have to recognizes sports as the product of kinematic art that it […]


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