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Photos By: Ed Conway Words By: Rob Smittix Just over a week ago my friend and Keyboardist Bear Campo (Black Mountain Symphony/Smittix) asked if I was going to see Lovesick at The Park Theater in Hudson, New York on Thursday February 8th? Bear has been a fan of Lovesick for a few years but I […]

Tomorrow is the last day for Muddaddy Flats in Troy and it sucks! We are an ad- based business, plain and simple, and from the beginning Muddaddy Flats was our partner. Dan and Melissa were among our first five clients. They got it. But, before I go one about that let me tell you about […]

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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re missing something? And I’m not just talking the celery in your chicken noodle soup. I’m talking Something far bigger. Something you can barely perceive, but funny enough, something you created, even if only by omission. You might call it a blind spot, but ironically, this little spot […]

This is Jesse Sample. This week’s song is about what happens when the pursuit of comfort has adverse effects. This sentiment can be cooked down to a basic analogy. Consider the Great American Lasagna. It is one of the truly refined specimens of comfort food. She needs no advertising. The sight and smell are sufficient […]

For Entertainment Purposes Only: These are just silly rumors going around the internet but there actually are some bizarre coincidences surrounding the number 13, Taylor Swift performing at the Super Bowl (which she is NOT) and the illuminati . Everyone is a self-proclaimed numerologist these days but when the number 13 keeps popping up; sometimes […]

I (Rob Smittix) just recently interviewed Doug Gray of The Marshall Tucker Tucker Band -Check it out HERE! PHOTOS BY: Ross Adams/Rob Smittix The Marshall Tucker Band is heading into their 51st year of being a band in 2024 and the music still holds it’s weight. I was very excited to see the band play […]

Interview: Doug Gray (The Marshall Tucker Band) – By: Rob Smittix (photo credit: Mariah Gray) Marshall Tucker Band UPH: Great Hall 25 Washington St. Saratoga Springs Friday Jan 26 2024 @ 7:30 PM RRX: Well, it’s an absolute pleasure talking to you. I’m so happy that this actually became a thing. So thank you. DG: […]

This is Jesse Sample. This week, I present a sonic poem, in the form of an Italian Sonnet, about a safe place in our heads. Sometimes the scramble to have it all can leave us feeling empty and unhappy. Sometimes, a sincere reflection on the weight of the moment can refresh our souls. The past […]

Mark you calendars for MARCH 24th, 2pm at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY! All performers are 2023 Listen Up Award recipients!

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