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September 24, 1991, Nirvana puts out an album for which the world would embrace it’s fresh teen-spirited breathe. While we are on the topic of breathing, the baby in the photo needs zero scuba gear but.. the now 30 something year old baby realized he needs more than just that hooked George Washington.  So perhaps […]

Will Wood can show more about who you are than you could… -Rob Smittix * -Please FEEL FREE to use that quote!

The Hangar on the Hudson had an old Fashioned double headed hootenanny on Wednesday night, as Troy’s own honkytonk heroes The Brule County Bad Boys filled the stage. Josh, Tex, Zack, Buckley, Benny, Steve And Sam brought energy and a high-cowboy style to a packed house. Their 9 song set featured 5 songs from their […]

Dashboard Anthem revved up their fans and had them dancing and singing along at Van Slycks entertainment lounge inside The Rivers Casino in Schenectady. Dashboard Anthem hit the ground running as they sped into familiar classics from Boston, Foreigner, and Journey, all lead by the strong voice of Dan Coler, with Jason Ellenbogen setting the […]

  In the fourth show since covid closure, the Hangar was buzzing last night! Things were a bit different than the last time I caught a show there. You had to show proof of vaccine at entry. There were seats in half the room, where before it was all open for dancing, groups, etc. However, […]

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