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Considering that I was born in Boston, and grew up in the Boston Area, I am very excited to pick the brains of the Boston based powerhouse known as The Elovaters. Currently, these guys are just blowing up reggae scene coast to coast after some amazing momentum prior to COVID. It would seem to me […]

This second part to the LIFEEE Behind Bars Rap Battle also took place in a secret location. Personally, I love the mystery, it makes the experience all that much more exciting. Before the two remaining battles in this series took place we had several performances. I was stoked to see Ready Rah live, as I […]

One of the many badges a band as long in the tooth as Maryland’s Clutch carries around is an absolutely evident confidence. That confidence is probably best defined as “stage presence” or charisma – but it’s more than that. It’s “the thing” musicians crushing it night after night are paid to do. That “thing” – […]

It was great to be back at The Egg for the first time in over a year and a half, especially for an enjoyable reason (the last was for a memorial service for Greg Haymes).  This time, it was for music, a huge part of Greg’s life.  Andrew Heissler, aka Pokey LaFarge was making his […]

Music is an alter ego. Even when you use your own name and wear your own face, when you go up on that stage, you become somebody else. You become a performer. No matter how absolutely zen you are, you shift your mindset into that of the best musician you can be. And that persona […]

There is something in music that’s greater than three chords and 4/4 time. Okay, so even within music there’s something better than that. But what I mean is that, what comes from voices and instruments really summons a thing, a spirit, if you will, and those who take up their voices and those instruments conjure […]

On Friday November 12th at The Madison Theatre in Albany #25toLIFEEE and Peshy Kruger present #LIFEEE Behind Bars 2. For those that aren’t fluent in Rap music lingo, bars means musical bars. The event is a rap battle that will entertain the masses and there will be times the punchlines will make you spit your […]

I grew up in a one-horse town. While just about everyone in that town was busy farming in some capacity, I was submerging myself in music. Now, there were no music stores or anything music related in this town, just the radio stations that came in. I would stay up so late to record shows […]

RRX: Many people take classical instrument lessons when they grow up, few pursue it, and you have. And not only have you beat the odds, you’re pretty much one of the people boosting the odds for others. How do you think you were able to beat the odds and wind up with a classical career? […]

This is a completely true story. I call it a tale of redemption. It is not meant to teach, preach or reach. It is simply a story of a long-time friend of mine. It began in 1974. I’m a freshman in college in Ohio studying Broadcasting. Among my new friends is a skinny, wise-ass punk […]

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