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On Wednesday, August 31, 2022, The Semrich’s ‘Reimagining The Classics’ Summer Festival 2020 came to a close, except for the upcoming Gala several days later. Chris Coletti, a mild mannered trumpeter with a ‘superman’ persona took the stage with a huge smile and a super hero determination to present a repertoire incorporating music from the […]

Berkshires native and guitar virtuoso, Albert Cummings, brought his blues-rock power trio to the Lake George Arts Project’s Summer Concert Series in Shepard Park, July 13th. Presenting an aggressive mix of originals and covers, Cummings and his bandmates lit-up the lakeside amphitheater by showing the large audience what a world-class outfit can do sonically with an electrified blues-rock program filled with soaring and tasteful […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

On Friday September 9th the festivities began with a parade of tugboats that became a 3 day celebration in Waterford, NY. On Saturday my wife and my 14 year old son accompanied me (Rob Smittix) to the Tugboat Round Up. It’s not very often that our teenager joins Mom and Dad for these types of […]

Recently, I accomplished one of my bucket list items, a list far from complete but worth checking off. Still on that list, staying in broadcasting to age 71, making fifty years in the business, the Good Lord Willing and I don’t lose my job or die…that looks good so far. I also want one more […]

On Wednesday September 7th, DRI brought their 40th Anniversary Tour to Empire Underground in Albany, NY. The show started early at 6: 30pm with opening acts  1000 Yard Stare, Faded Line, Remains Of Rage, and Hate The Adversary. All of the bands brought their “A” game for sure. This was the debut show for Faded […]

How the hell is it already September?! Somebody, please, stop the time — I’m begging.  When I was a kid, my mom and dad would host a lot of parties. It was their way of killing three birds with one stone: unwind from a stressful work week, spend time with the kids, and party with […]

Your everlasting summer has faded. Soon your complaints about humidity will be replaced by pumpkin spiced everything. Forget it, okay. You do know we live in one of the best areas of the country for live local music. I didn’t make that up. Go check. I’ll wait…see, I told you. Not just you’re typical, garden […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

There’s a universe that operates on a natural law of rhythm, of galaxies spinning on the turntable of a black hole and the intricate interplay of planets passing by, moons revolving in such a way we could set our watch to them, and in a way, we do. And on this planet, there are trenches. […]

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