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It’s hard to think in terms of centuries when life hits you at a mile a minute. But there’s power in the history of where you live. It’s a vibe, a spirit of a thousand spirits. It’s also a crucible forging the hardest of times, and a lens that shows us who we are by […]

Gov’t Mule is one of the biggest bands on the Jam Band Scene and Danny Louis is the man who makes their keyboards swing. From an early beginning as a jazz trumpeter, a new wave pioneer, and a musical jack of all trades until today, Danny has never lost sight of the fact that music […]

As a small child I had a huge fascination with music. I couldn’t get enough of it (and still can’t). My Nana was an Opera singer on Broadway, my Grandfather a Pianist on Broadway. No one in my family ever pushed me to learn an instrument, but I was very interested in singing. As a […]

With acoustic songs like “My Type of Woman” to experimenting with hip-hop songs like “Arrive” (feat. Reck Yosiah), John Cole Peterson is on the attack now writing a brand new album with 3 new singles that can be heard on Radioradiox.com and Radiosoulx.com. John’s music is grabbing the listener’s attention abroad. I was able to […]

Maurizio is very active during the shut-in, and his calm style and meaningful verse, makes you feel at peace, although the world seems to be crumbling around you. RRX: Do you see yourself as an artist or an entertainer? MR: Both. For me being an artist and entertainer works hand in hand. As an artist, […]

Andre Darlington is the product of the cocktail party. He and his sister, Tenaya, would flip records while his parents entertained. Together they wrote Booze and Vinyl, among others. Andre’s latest works (coming soon) are Booze Cruise – A Tour of The World’s Essential Mixed Drinks and Batman: The Official Gotham City Cocktail Book. Get […]

Last year about this time, we were reluctantly settling in to the lockdown. Our friends and advertisers were taking major hits. Venues were shutting down. Shows were being canceled (including one of ours.) And we had a pretty banger issue that we couldn’t put anywhere, so it became out first issue to only hit digitally. […]

Hey everyone! It has been quite some time since I wrote a post for my blog. I’m really sorry for my absence. The truth is that I have been struggling with my mental health and lost a large chunk of the last two and a half years to those struggles. I have ultra rapid cycling […]

After counting the years until I would move out on my own, without the responsibilities of raising a family, I was having another child. Jessie, who had recently decided to abbreviate her name to Jes., was almost fifteen and Justin was eleven. I felt as though I was in the home stretch. Now, I was […]

Soon after we reunited following our seven-month separation, we decided that we should have a dog and found a husky through a shelter that had families host dogs until they could find them a home. Rory a big, muscular dog. He was three years old and wasn’t well trained. We decided to take him on […]

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