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TICKETS ALMOST SOLD OUT! Dark Side of the Moon was released in March of 1973 and has become more than just an iconic record, this album speaks for itself. In fact Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was one of the most commercially successful albums of all time. But it gets better, have you […]

Photography/Recap By: Stephanie J Bartik It was a Tuesday night at Cohoes Music Hall, but it seemed more as a Sunday morning Catholic church service, will all the standing ovations for the performance of sold out John Lodge of The Moody Blues. Not surprisingly, the demographic was an older crowd, coming to hear the songs […]

This will be our third month hosting Xperience Fuzebox at the legendary nightclub in Albany, New York. We have a great line up for you on Sunday March 19th! We are proud to announce Off The Record, Stretching The Truth and Northern Borne will be playing the matinee series in March. Doors at 2pm/Show at […]

At the end of the block, down the street, nestled in between the copy shop and the comic book store lies a little café, and in that café, a woman with the world in her eye passes you a vanilla chai. She’s got dreams she checks off on a spare order pad and for her, […]

  Riley Mulherkar’s love of the trumpet started at an early age and grew into an incredible career. Performer, bandleader, composer, arranger, and music educator, this jazz cat seems bursting with endless energy. February 26th at Universal Preservation Hall, his Jazz At Lincoln Center (JALC) production of The Songs We Love will bring the magic […]

I (Rob Smittix) was super excited about the Rye Bread Family Day for a couple of reasons. For one I feel like I was a part of it because Nick Batto hired me to design the poster for the event. I have made fliers and posters for numerous events in the past but this poster […]

RRX: So how many different music projects do you have going on these days? JJ: I’ve got my solo project which has been running a few years now since I went to California. And then…for the past year as well I’ve been working with Ash Purdy, who’s the old bass player from Black Veil Brides. […]

How to get an alternative band from Minneapolis to write a song with your name as the title, thus procuring your status as a rock icon.  The fickleness of the record buying public is only outdone by its short attention span. People forget. People move on. Art is disposable unless you associate that art with […]

RM: What’s up brother? RRX: What’s going on? RM: Choking down a beer before I start playing. RRX: Excellent! So, what’s new and exciting with The Ryan Matter Band? RM: I literally just booked this about 20 minutes ago. We’re goin to North Carolina in March, the week before that we’re in Florida for three […]

The list of songs Sam Cooke has written is astounding. Some of the best loved music for generations has been composed by this legend. A performer whose emotional delivery can make you swoon or comfort your heartache, and a voice like none other. In addition to his talent on stage, Cooke’s creativity, spirit, passion and […]

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