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Photo by Gulnara Khamatova, Blue Note NYC I’ve been hearing about Matt Niedbalski for nearly 30 years. From the day he was born, it seems that he was destined to become a great drummer. I’ve been fortunate to hear all about his accomplishments and achievements, including his earliest lessons, gigs, even equipment from his uncle. […]

This is a “very special” edition, my last, for now. As Sean Connery once said, “never say never”. I’ve retired after 46 years in broadcasting, half of that so-called “career” in the Capital District/Region (which phrase depends on your age, hell I still call it the Knickerbocker Arena). This is most likely not the last […]

Interview with Belle-Skinner and Zan for A Night of Joni Mitchell By: Niki Kaos Joni Mitchell’s legacy as a singer-songwriter is one that has inspired many musicians over the years. Her depth of emotion and musicianship shines through lyric storytelling, a mastery of rich chord progressions and soundscapes. With the ease of a natural born […]

It’s the Summer of 1995, July I believe. I’m spending three glorious weeks at the lake. It’s probably the first or second day. I’m away from work, away from the city, away from the heat. Well, it only feels cooler out there in the sticks. There are no phones, no TV, no obnoxious garbage blaring […]

May the luck of the Irish be upon you this month, and if you have to wonder if you’re Irish, you are. This month, we have filmmaker Spencer Sherry, KISStory bassist Vinny Dawson, and drummer Denise Parent. Enjoy!   Xperience March 2023 – Digital Edition  

Talent ends at no border, blocks no abundance or absence of station, and, most importantly here, requires no long hard road of age. For only in the free application of talent could wonder be manifest in a willowy dance or a peal of self-wrought thunder or a haunting, crystalline crescendo arising from three performers with […]

Two hours from Albany to Newark in the fast lane. Forty-five minutes of quick-stepping person after person, everyone as impatient as the next, tap-tap-tapping and snaking their way through the TSA line. Another hour waiting for the plane to arrive and people to be seated. Minimal hours of sleep from the night before. Two hours […]

Well, I’ve finally recovered from a wild weekend of music at the Ameripolitan Music Weekend & Awards.  Unsatisfied with the direction of Nashville’s country music, singer/songwriter, and great guitarist, Dale Watson decided to brand his own music as Ameripolitan.  In looking around, he quickly realized there was a lot of American Roots music not adequately […]

A member of both The Deadbeats and Brown Eyed Women, Denise Parent is well noted for her rock-solid dance-inspiring drumming, bringing the Grateful Dead songbook to audiences near and far. Exceptional band members also brought the opportunity to showcase original songs for the dedicated following. If you grew up in the Capital Region music scene, […]

Recap & Photography By: Stephanie J. Bartik ACROBAT-The International U2 Tribute The 17⁰ temperature and icy snow mix, didn’t keep the crowd away from Cohoes Music Hall Saturday, February 25, to see ACROBAT International U2 Tribute. And those who ventured out were treated to one of the best tributes I have seen. I walked behind […]

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