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In the world of tribute acts, many of whom are quite good, there are a few that really stand out.  What sets them apart from the usual suspects is their ability to play their respective concerts as if the original artists themselves were performing the show live.  Many other acts will take a note for […]

On Sunday, March 26th at 3pm, the Listen Up Awards will pay tribute to the democratic spirit of our listeners and readers, who have diligently worked to nominate-, then vote for their favorite musicians in various categories (and a few non-musical categories like “Best Dressed.”) Over 38,000 votes were cast, which, for reference, is the […]

In the last issue of Xperience, I wrote a piece called “Screw Midjourney,” basically standing up to AI art programs like Midjourney on behalf of our area’s many talented artists, and, well, humanity as a whole. And soon, we will have a rebuttal from ChatGPT-4 programmed by somebody. I would like to say that we […]

Off the Record played at the Ale House on Sunday. Special guests were Luke McNamee and Tommy Love. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

TROY (03/16/23) – A popular public house in Troy is bringing back live outdoor concerts to its location beside the Green Island Bridge. Ryan’s Wake Public House has announced a free, six-week outdoor evening concert series kicking off May 17. “Wake Up Wednesdays” will run for six Wednesdays in a row starting at 5 p.m. […]

Next Saturday marks the 9th Annual Dustin Mele Memorial Concert, a benefit that goes to help the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP), the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI), Rennselaer County Mental Health and the Catholic Charities CONSERN-U Program. Local musical performers Emerald City, Soul Sky, Super 400 will be joined by Robert […]

Soraia, The Idiot Kids, and Undefeated at Hangar on the Hudson. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

Recap/Photos By: Ed Conway On a fine Saturday night, for mid March anyway, a hard rockin’ band from Toronto made a visit to the Hangar.  I first saw the Ichi-Bons at the recent Ameripolitan Music Weekender & Award festival in Memphis, Tennessee, where they were nominated for Ameripolitan Rockabilly Group 2023.  I was blown away […]

Irish rock combines two very different feels in a beautiful way; the Celtic, Appalachian folk sound, with its roots in nature, and rock ‘n’ roll, with its roots in rebellion and overdrive. I like to identify and classify music, maybe you noticed, but only because when I hear a great thing, I want to absorb […]

Nektar Epic Tantrum Photography by Timothy Reidy.

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