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RRX: When I got the message down the line that I was going to talk to you, I thought it was pretty cool because, first, of all the bands that you were in and your solo work is like the soundtrack to growing up years. Which is really cool. JW: Well… me too. RRX: What’s […]

JF: How are you doing buddy? RRX: I’m doing great, thank you for taking the time to talk to me here today, we’re very excited about you coming to town on November 23rd at The Egg in Albany. JF: Super excited too. I just love New York, whatever part of New York it is. It’s […]

The leaves have been turning, and in the hills some old sweet lady is churning butter that will, by month’s end, be slathered on some mashed potatoes to the tune of Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant. On the couch, someone will be reading this month’s issue of Xperience, featuring Blue October frontman Justin Furstenfeld, Baby’s and […]

Welcome to the Monthly Astrology Feature. I’m Conscious Medium Brandon Russ and I combine all the tools of the trade for your journey. Connect with me at for events, classes and private readings. The holidays are on their way! How do you want this do look? You’re coming out of all the eclipses, Mars Retrograde […]

1). The Beatles: King of the Hill 2). The Kinks: Most Underrated Ever 3): The Who: Sonic Earthquake 4): The Rolling Stones: Raw and Exciting Outlaws 5): The Animals: Hard British Blues (Eric Burdon was Awesome!) 6). The Zombies: A Touch of Jazz Pop 7): Searchers: Precursor to The Byrds/Harmony Stars 8): Manfred Mann: Jazzer […]

It is with great pleasure to announce the 2nd annual Listen Up! Awards, brought to you by Mirth Films, RadioRadioX and Xperience Monthly.  Last year’s awards at Lark Hall was such a success, this year the event will be even bigger. Remember this is a people’s choice award ceremony, your vote, your choice! Nominations will […]

On Friday October 14th, Corky Laing brought his Mountain to Pauly’s Hotel in Albany. If you were there then you realize how cool this was to see at a venue of this size. Corky brought along with him a team of world-class musicians including  Richie “the Emperor of Rock ‘n’ Roll” Scarlet on guitar (Ace […]

It had been over thirty years since I last saw Billy Bragg, and I must confess to wondering before his performance at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall just how relevant the man and his music would be in 2022. Looking fit and trim, Bragg bounded onstage and ripped into 1984’s “A Lover Sings” on […]

VN: Rob, How are you? RRX: Things are good, I’m riding high, how about you? VN: Yeah, things are good over here. RRX: Excellent and today we will be talking with you (Vegas) and your daughter Gemma, who is also in the film. Hi, Gemma! GN: Hi. RRX: My name is Rob and I’ll be […]

On Tuesday October 10th Billy Bragg played for the first time ever in Troy, NY for a crowd on anxious fans at The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. The opening act was Alice Phoebe Lou playing solo and I’ve got to say I was thoroughly impressed. Wandering the halls I witnessed Alice admiring the photos […]

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