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So you’re at the show. She’s on stage singing her head-off, and the band backing her is liquid fire, as is the drink you just ordered from the bar during the summer festival the city puts on, why the girl singing her head off is onstage in the first place, a delicious little interplay between […]

RRX: How are you doing? TG: I’m good. RRX: My bass player moved to Montana and he was flying back in for a show we were going to and unfortunately due to COVID the show was cancelled. So, because of that we haven’t played since December of 2019.  TG: Unfortunately, the whole COVID thing did […]

Considering that I was born in Boston, and grew up in the Boston Area, I am very excited to pick the brains of the Boston based powerhouse known as The Elovaters. Currently, these guys are just blowing up reggae scene coast to coast after some amazing momentum prior to COVID. It would seem to me […]

Music is an alter ego. Even when you use your own name and wear your own face, when you go up on that stage, you become somebody else. You become a performer. No matter how absolutely zen you are, you shift your mindset into that of the best musician you can be. And that persona […]

Boston to Berkeley II at Petco Park in San Diego, CA Oct 10, 2021 with Rancid and Dropkick Murphys This was a super energetic show, the Murphys are just so damn tight, they are pros for sure and Rancid kept it pretty old school, playing a lot of older tunes as well as opening with […]

RRX: You all are from Greenwich or the surrounding areas, and my apologies if there are any commuters. Greenwich, that whole area, has a certain feel to it. I spent some time there, enough to say that I’ve seen the Tractor Parade. I was one of maybe a thousand, which surprised me. What’s the music […]

A new band is a seed. It can grow to create an incredible sound. It can grow to create its own sound, indistinguishable from any other thing out there. And in some cases, it creates that unique sound from the first sprout. The Dionysus Effect has a unique sound. It came from the ground pumping […]

Blue October is one of the country’s biggest cult bands and is known for it’s distinctive guitar sound.  I recently had the honor of posing a few questions to Will Knaak their guitar player and he was generous enough to answer.   Will is more than just the guitarist for Blue, he is also an […]

I always said that if any of my partner ever got violent, I would not stay with him. I had become accustomed to physical and emotional abuse at an early age, but although I knew that I couldn’t tolerate physical abuse anymore, the emotional abuse was harder to recognize. Maybe I was also a bit […]

This is a (pretty much mostly) true story of the stupidest person I have ever met. One could say he’s as dumb as a box of rocks, but that would insult the rocks. Shakespeare would say it is “a tale told by an idiot,” I say it is a tale told ABOUT an idiot. Forrest […]

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