Billie Eilish

Jukebox. Billie Eilish Billie Eilish has a tattoo. She probably has more than one, but this one she’s only showing to people on her “close friends” Instagram, because it is themed around her new album, “Hit Me Hard and Soft.” The album, produced by and in collaboration with brother Finneas, will be coming out all […]

Concert Security. Most things in life involve a balance of perspectives. Almost even fight would be solved were it possible for the two combatants to sit down over a Mai Tai and share life stories, Okay, that’s a little bit of bulls**t, but it’s only a little bit of bullshit. Why I bring this up […]

Some bands aren’t just music. Some bands, even their name brings you back in time to the person you were when their big hits first started coming across the airwaves. For me, the band Duran Duran hit me when I was maybe eleven or twelve, maybe a little younger. We had MTV actually playing music […]

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