Eric Gustafson

Albums of 2023, Year to Escape and Move On – By Eric Gustafson. December 2023 In a chaotic year of falling savings and yet more war, many listeners opted to escape to the lyrical, emotive, dreamy strains of crooners. Reminiscent of the 1930s or 1960s, other eras of American dread and creativity, it may be […]

For music venues this was the year of reopening, cutting hours, closing and partial reopening. It’s just one dimension of unpredictability running rampant – another middle finger waving at us after years of virus- or government-induced dismay. Music in 2022 reflected the convoluted spheres we navigate: stepping onstage after honing the craft in lockdown; seeking […]

At the peak of his fame, Elvis Presley was perhaps the most recognizable individual on the planet. Just as you may conjure Charlie Chaplin in your mind’s eye using only a bowler hat, a toothbrush mustache, and a cane, it is easy to picture Presley with no more than a quiff, a curled lip, and […]

Ukraina is literally translated as “on the edge” or “borderland”, and that is exactly what it is. Flat, fertile, and fatally tempting to invaders, Ukraine was split between Russia and Poland from the mid-17th century to the end of the 18th, between Russia and Austria through the 19th, and between Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Romania […]

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