garage rock

Garage Rock Democracy. It’s on eleven, duct-taped so that no one can turn it down. The drums need new heads but the drummer’s broke, so they’re gonna ride those warped heads out. They have little music theory and all fierce passion and inexhaustible energy and they can’t wait to land the biggest stage to headline […]

A new band is a seed. It can grow to create an incredible sound. It can grow to create its own sound, indistinguishable from any other thing out there. And in some cases, it creates that unique sound from the first sprout. The Dionysus Effect has a unique sound. It came from the ground pumping […]

Sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned hard-driving garage rock band to get the liquor flowing, the tongues wagging and the boogey pumping through the floor with the high-hat hiss and the bass thumps. Blackcat Elliot is just such a band. With Gus on Guitar and Vocals, Marky Balboa on drums and Fast Eddie on […]

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