Lost and Found

Ryan Leddick was able to help host and open an impromptu show featuring Irish Artist Grainne Hunt at Lost and Found Thursday Night, April 18th. Grainne Hunt was accompanied by Jules Stewart on Percussion. Photography by Timothy Reidy. More from Timothy Reidy…

Artist: The Brass Machine Venue: Lost & Found, Albany, NY Photographer: Nate Black, JxB Photography     More from Nate Black…

If you are mostly dead, your friends take you to see Miracle Max. If you are hungry, your friends should take you to see Max Clement at Lost & Found in Albany.  I first met Max in the winter of 2021 when he was working at Rosanna’s in Albany – an outstanding Italian restaurant you […]

When I first arrived at Lost and Found for the sold out show, I found myself in the back of the building talking with a stranger about music and what not around a bonfire. He politely said “I’ve got to get running to get ready for the show, I play drums with Glen David Andrews.” […]

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