Show Review: Glen David Andrews Live at Lost & Found 2/18/2022 By: Rob Smittix

Written by on February 21, 2022

When I first arrived at Lost and Found for the sold out show, I found myself in the back of the building talking with a stranger about music and what not around a bonfire. He politely said “I’ve got to get running to get ready for the show, I play drums with Glen David Andrews.” Well, I had no idea, I asked what’s your name and he said Ian. I told him my son is celebrating his birthday today and his name is Ian as well, so I will not forget your name.

As I returned inside I got a sour red beer from a slightly regional brewery (delicious) and I headed towards the stage.  I just interviewed Glen a few days prior over the phone but I didn’t think he’d know who I was when I approached but to my surprise he did. Some of my red beer spilled on my hand so our initial handshake was awkward, never the less he was happy to see me and I was excited to see his show for the very first time.

Glen David Andrews has been coming to the Capital Region for a decade now and he has made himself a home away from home. When I talked to people in the audience, every single one of them have seen Glen play before, all except for me. How did Glen David Andrews not come across my radar until now? I don’t really have the answer to that question but I am very glad I am now onboard. I am not just saying this to say it but Glen David Andrews band has become one of my all time favorite groups. It is very apparent to me now why people return to see them play each and every time they roll through town.

The show was also utilized as a live recording for a record. I look forward to hearing the final product. Glen is a showman and it serves his band well.  With Parker on organ, Josh on bass and Glen’s cousin Revert Andrews on Trombone it’s a winning combination of talent. Glen also played trombone in several songs and he and Revert made their way through the crowd with their instruments and the crowd absolutely loved it!

My favorite story I was told that night was back out by the bonfire. Revert Andrews from New Orleans was staying at the hotel by Albany Medical Center and was hungry for a grits breakfast. My man walked in the blistering cold with wind that would make birds fall from the sky, all the way to Pearl Street where he finally acquired some grits. He then proceeded to walk all the way back before eating them. My suggestion is if you’re from down south and you are touring in the Northeast to perhaps bring grits with you on the road because they are not easy to find up here!


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