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Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – An Xperience Column – by Jeff Spaulding. This month, I will relive my youth (as it were) with a trip down memory lane to my earliest time in radio, when I was learning the business, polishing my chops, and trying to talk on the air without […]

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – an Xperience Column – by Jeff Spaulding. Here’s a question to those who made New Year’s resolutions, in particular to lose weight/get in shape/new year new you crap? It’s now March, if you haven’t been sticking to the routine go back to Five Guys and ditch […]

Observations and Ramblings from a Cranky Old Guy – by Jeff Spaulding. This is a holiday story, with plot twists and turns. To begin with, I am a huge believer in fate, the concept that things are not always random, and perhaps our lives are pre-determined. Thanksgiving weekend 1969. My father, mother and I were […]

Observations and Ramblings – a Column by Jeff Spaulding. Freshman Year at an Ohio college.  Thanksgiving Break got me on a train headed East, to Schenectady. Great time had. Family, friends, got hammered, got laid, still all a haze. The ride back, major snowstorm, no trains, Thruway closed. Only option a plane, but at 18 […]

Observations and Ramblings – Jeff Spaulding. In your life, have you ever felt alone, ever been picked on, ever been laughed at. Did you ever want to give a “two finger salute” to the world and shout “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother? It could be for various reasons. You like Nickelback. You keep adding […]

Observations and Ramblings. Confession time. I am a Geek, a Dork, a hopeless Fan Boy, and if my parents were still alive, I’d still be living in their basement. To quote The Shat, I’ve been told that I need to “Get a Life.” Aside from music, not too cookie cutter and vanilla, and radio, when […]

Hi once again, hope you, like me, are enjoying the (slow but sure) return of freedom and normalcy.  That’s not the topic, just wanted to say it for a “Yay Us” moment. In reality, it’s celebration time! Three years of RadioradioX, and well over two years of this publication. Not to mention RadioSoulX in that […]

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