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Albany Distilling Co had Rock n Roll with Off the Record Trio in Albany on Saturday, June 1st. Photography by Timothy Reidy. More from Timothy Reidy…

Sunday at the Albany Tulip Festival brought Mother’s Day to the Festival. Local and Party acts were aplenty The Washington Park Lakehouse had Girl Love, The E-Block, Reese Fulmer & The Carriage House Band, Oobleck. Off The Record Trio, Funk Evolution, New York Players, kept the party going on the parade ground. Photography by Timothy […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

I tell you if you haven’t seen Off The Record Trio live as of yet, you’re really missing out! Watch OTR transform the room into the 1960’s. No one has moves like lead vocalist Joanna Palladino! That’s a direct quote from our very own Rob Smittix.

REMINDER: Off The Record Trio is HEADLINING The Celebration of Jim Barrett’s Kaleidoscope as he enters his 55th year on the air. Appearances by Off The Record Trio, Chris Busone Band, The Chandler Travis Duo , Soul Sky and special guests including the Lawn Sausages, Luke McNamee, Johnny Rabb, and More! The show will be […]

On Saturday, Feb. 29th, we held Rock & Remember, a show/send-off for Robert “Pops” Sweeny, one of our own, who we lost in December. People from all the worlds with which his life intersected were in attendance, and it was a warm, and definitely rocking event. Off the Record performed, followed by The Chris Busone […]

We had a great time on Saturday at our “Rock & Remember” event, where we said goodbye to a friend and colleague, Robert “Pops” Sweeny. Off The Record and The Chris Busone Band killed it all day and into the night, and Johnny Rabb, Luke McNamee and Tommy Love lent their talents to bring a […]

Music is life. It encapsulates a moment, and a note or two of a familiar song can draw up our best days, sometimes our worst. It is the soundtrack to our dreams, the strength in our footsteps, and it makes me proud to be here once in a while, giving credit due to the people […]

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