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Joe Putrock – An Xperience Interview – by OP Callaghan. “There are thousands of great pictures of Seth (Powell) and Mike (Pauley), but very few of me!” mused Joe Putrock. “That’s what happens when you spend so much time behind the camera!” As the drummer for the Charlie Watts Riots, Putrock is used to sitting […]

Mark Tritico – Capital Region Timekeepers – An Xperience Interview – by OP Callaghan. Recent “Listen Up Award” winner, the Donna Tritico Band, has been a fixture on the local scene for several years. Opening for such acts as Robin Trower, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Blues Traveler, Donna and her band have a well-earned reputation […]

Don Howland – An Xperience Interview – by OP Callaghan. Don Howland has been a fixture on the scene for over 40 years. He’s a great drummer, vocalist, former motocross champion, and the go-to drum guy at Parkway Music. I’ve always found Donny to be incredibly gifted as a player, but also a humble professional […]

Jeff Facci – an Xperience Interview – by OP Callaghan. Brick By Brick are not only one of the hardest local bands in terms of genre, but also in terms of their work ethic. The band has put out 7 full length studio albums, as well as multiple EP’s; toured extensively throughout the US and […]

Extreme Music Awards – An Xperience Column – by OP Callaghan. I’ve always felt that our local music scene has been very supportive and positive. The Capital Region arts and music history is rich, vibrant, diverse and eclectic, and has been an open, welcoming, and thriving scene. We’ve had more than a few locals become […]

Doug Klein – An Xperience Interview, by OP Callaghan. I feel like I’ve been seeing Doug Klein forever. As a 17 year old touring Plattsburgh state, I met up with a girl from my hometown, who offered to take me “downtown” for some beers.  I was straightedge, but gladly went along to see the sights.  […]

Leo Kachidurian – Capital Region Timekeepers – An Xperience Interview – by OP Callaghan. I first saw Leo Kachidurian playing with Doc Scanlon. I was relatively new in the area, and went to The Saratoga Race Track for a day of betting when I heard the band from a distance. Being the nosey music geek […]

JJ (Jelvis) Hogan – Capital Region Timekeepers – an Xperience Interview by OP Callaghan. I first met JJ (Jelvis) Hogan in the early 90’s, when his then band Bloom, was sharing a bill with my band, 1313 Mockingbird Lane. JJ is not only a great player, but a great guy. I enjoyed his heavier playing […]

I’ve been hearing about Pete Sweeney for years. I used to see him play with Nick Brignola and love the way he seems to take control of the band; both pushing them when necessary and pulling them back to keep it tight.  Pete is a master of his craft, and has shared the stage with […]

Steve Candlen interview. The first time I met Steve Candlen, I was a relative newbie on the scene.  I had just started drumming for 1313 Mockingbird Lane and was writing for The Source.  I was on assignment writing a story on Jimmy Velvet, Steve’s band at the time.  In between sets, Steve learned that I […]

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