Okay, don’t do this. We see all and know half of it, and if you go shady, we’ll tell our local priest, and you’ll get a stern lecture. But it’s out there, and so are we, and here we all are. As a crime writer, I’m always looking to describe people doing, yes, shady s**t, […]

Music is tough to make money on. There are ways to do it, like playing supper clubs for a handful of bucks at the end of the night and the proper placement of a fancy tip jar. A good musician can make bank doing that. But it’s hard work, and they’re on the road a […]

She dreamed of that big, fat, record deal. He dreamed of a shelf full of awards, twin Pulitzers front and center. He dreamed of highbrow people with martini glasses talking culture before his exhibit in that gallery, you know, that gallery. But them found themselves knocked off their ladders by ornate gates with not so […]

For two hours every day, you strum lock step with a thunderous beat. Four strings saturate the room in low end while Cindy shreds arpeggios like a San Francisco bookie shreds betting slips. It’s rhythm and melody as two pythons body wrestling. It is glorious in the few seconds just before the garage door opens, […]

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