Steve Candlen

Steve Candlen interview. The first time I met Steve Candlen, I was a relative newbie on the scene.  I had just started drumming for 1313 Mockingbird Lane and was writing for The Source.  I was on assignment writing a story on Jimmy Velvet, Steve’s band at the time.  In between sets, Steve learned that I […]

There’s a magic in music, a mysticism, only less in the way of sorcery, and more in the way that a bonfire is mystical. But at its heart, music is a communication. Whether it’s a call to your mind with moving, or novel chord progressions, or the simple backgrounds overlayed by a smooth voice telling […]

New year, new you… maybe. But there’s definitely a new edition of Xperience Monthly to kick off the new year. With performer Tim Gant, drummer/songwriter Steve Candlen, Designer Corey Aldrich and so much more! Xperience January 2022 – Digital Edition

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