Sydney Worthley

Sydney Worthley and ERIE played a rocked out show at Live at the Linda in Albany on September 24th. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

The Park Theater Foundation is thrilled to present a wide variety of shows throughout September as part of their highly anticipated 2023/24 season. ‘The Park Presents:’ Caleb Caudle w/ Special Guest, Sydney Worthley (09/30/23): The Park Theater Foundation presents ‘The Park Presents’ featuring alt-americana artist, Caleb Caudle, with special guest, Sydney Worthley, live on September […]

Women’s Voices Series at The Linda, featuring Sydney Worthley and Sarah King. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

It seems like there are two ways to know music, at least in the case where there’s singing involved. One is that the music is so distinct, so recognizable, that the singing can be all over the place and you’ll still always know that band by the sound. Then it’s the opposite, with a singer’s […]

Photography by: Tim Reidy

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