The travelogue of Undefeated, a rock/metal band from northern New York. This is about a fish fight. Hey, what’s up?! Undefeated again. Did you miss us? I sure did! Kidding, we’re siblings and we live with each other! Meredith just turned 21 a couple months ago, and for her birthday she decided to buy a […]

Hello from Northern New York!!! We are Undefeated, a sibling rock band. Members include Meredith – main vocals and guitar (also known as the green haired lady who has a very interesting style that children seem to love), Christian – back up vocals (screams) and drummer (a.k.a. the ripped dude), and Lis (pronounced “lease”) who […]

Soraia, The Idiot Kids, and Undefeated at Hangar on the Hudson. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

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