He Almost Made Me Lose My Mind-A Chance Encounter With DMX By: Vegas Nacy

Written by on August 2, 2021

I had a great experience with the late great DMX I wanted to share it because unfortunately with all the drugs etc. in his later years he kinda got a bad “rap” See what I did there?

Anyhoo, it was back in the early 2000’s. He was supposed to play the Family Values Tour at the Pepsi Arena. He cancelled. I had worked security for the show. Afterwards I met up with a couple friends and we stopped into DiCarlos.

It was dead in there but we got a drink and sat at a table in the back. “Let’s just have one and get out of here” said one of my friends. We were having some good conversation and all of a sudden, the front doors opened up with a squad of people. We didn’t think much of it until they sat down behind us. I was facing them and I realized it was DMX and his crew. I told my friends and they looked over, taken by surprise. About 15 minutes later I see one of the biggest guys I’ve ever seen.

He came up to the table and said “Hey, DMX is over there and he wants to speak with you.” I said, “Me?” So, I got up and I was thinking to myself “Damn, I hope he isn’t mistaking for someone that’s done him wrong, because I won’t be going home tonight”.

I approached the table (he asked his crew to hang out in the back). “Hey, have a seat” he says. “I’m DMX”. “Oh, I know who you are!” He says, “My friends call me X, so please, call me X. Called you over because I’ve been watching you and I really dig your style, are you a musician by chance?” I immediately pulled out a CD, which I always had on me in those days. He said “That’s what’s up!”

He went on to tell me that he was starting a new label, Bloodline Records, and if I could rap, I was the new Eminem. He asked me if i wanted to get out of there and talk business. I looked at my friends down the way and asked if they could come along. By now some of the crew, his bodyguards, were back and one of them said “We only have room for you”.

Quite honestly I wanted them to come along because it was me, DMX and six or seven giants whom I’ve never met. Finally, X said “Well make some room for his friends so we can talk business”. It was one of those moments where you actually feel your dreams coming to fruition.
As we left everyone was trying to get a pic or an autograph and he politely said
“This is the guy you should be getting a pic with, he’s the next big thing.”

I knew most everyone in there and they were all like ‘what the hell is going on?’ As soon as we got into their Mercedes van out came the weed. They had massive blunts rolled and X took a huge hit and passed it to me, I said “I don’t smoke but of course I have to smoke with you. A few hits and I was on the moon.

We drove around, talking music and what he was looking for and what I was looking to do. We agreed that we had the same goal in mind, and we should get into the studio ASAP and mix our genres together and see what worked.

They brought us back to DiCarlos parking lot. He gave me his personal number, his managers number and his cousin’s number who worked for him in the studio. He was the nicest guy; the whole crew was great and I let two or three weeks go by because I didn’t want to seem desperate (don’t do this move it’s a stupid move). Finally, I called his cousin figuring I would start there.

“Oh yeah, Vegas from Albany, what’s up?”
“X told me to call to see if we could work together so I’m just checking in”.
“Oh, ok word, X is out of town right now and has a lot going on so I will relay the message and he will get back to you when he can.”

We hung up and I instantly felt that I made a mistake not calling earlier. Three days later the headline is “DMX is arrested after pretending to be a cop, crashing through some gates” or something to that effect, and from that point on he never really recovered, and I never got to speak to him again. It was a great night though and X almost made me lose my mind I’m sure of it!

Written by Vegas Nacy

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