Dashboard Anthem Drives into Rivers Casino 9/18/21-Recap and Photography By: Stephanie J Bartik

Written by on September 19, 2021

Dashboard Anthem revved up their fans and had them dancing and singing along at Van Slycks entertainment lounge inside The Rivers Casino in Schenectady. Dashboard Anthem hit the ground running as they sped into familiar classics from Boston, Foreigner, and Journey, all lead by the strong voice of Dan Coler, with Jason Ellenbogen setting the pace with his drums and Pete Vroman wailing guitar. Kevin Brandow, joined the lineup after 2 prior shows—and didn’t skip a beat! The casino-goers, started to edge into the lounge, as they heard the music…and more and more followed- Soon, the floor was full. I believe Dashboard Anthem made some new fans last night! So, where were you? Did we catch you having a great time? Check out the gallery to see! And, be sure to check the radioradox.com site for upcoming events. Who knows maybe we’ll catch you out there! Support your local businesses and musicians!

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